Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Stage: In The Heights

"In The Heights" hits Houston - and what a surprise! The idea of a hip hop musical might scare of many - but they will be the sorry ones... Sure there is a touch of Hip-Hop, and Rap - but it is handled brilliantly and does not alienate the more "mature" theatre go-er.

The show is sweet and inviting, and the dancing is current and amazing - and the audience I saw the show with, came in all ages and demographics - and were all united in their love for the musical... A true crowd pleaser.

The Basics - This neighborhood is about to change - people are moving on and out, businesses are closing - and the people who live in this little slice of the Washington Heights, NYC are growing and changing too. It's summer, it's hot and by the end of the show - all the characters lives will be change!

Broadway Across America presents...
April 6 - 18th
Hobby Center